on August 30, 2013

We present you an update for Sense 3.5 custom rom`s by RSK Team for HTC DESIRE,  with Pie control added, Sense 5 theme and some init.d memory tweaks. This is only for stock hboot! 


Samsung Galaxy S III - GT I9300 ALUMINIUM BODY!

on August 23, 2013
This is an amazing Samsung Device with aluminium body! And it happens to be mine :)!


on August 14, 2013

          As promise , RSKMANIA it is up and running , all you have to do is  click the RSKMANIA button and enjoy .

So what are you waiting for ? CLICK IT ! 


on August 10, 2013
Soon  you can find something useful in a new blog !!! It will be many many new things!This is only the beginning! So stay close!