on July 9, 2014

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on October 22, 2013


RSK TEAM present the new version of custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 LTE international version only with so many features! Please read all before flash the Rom to be sure you know and understand RSK TEAM requirements!

Based on firmware XXUBMI7 Android 4.3
Kernel Stock
csc multi set to EUR
init.d support without the need of a kernel that supports init.d
""Aroma Installer"" Installation is fully customizable by user and there is options to install everything or remove all Bloatware
Aroma installer now has the option to remove more then 700 mb of almost 100 bloatware apps, widgets and services
Option to backup efs partition during rom's installation
Option to full wipe from aroma installer
Option to Remove all Bloatware from aroma installer
Option to install or not all addon apps from aroma installer
Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
Wipe preloaded partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe System automatic before roms installation                                      
Original Samsung Bootanimation                                                        
Floating RSKdroids
Battery % mod
Disabled scrolling cache
Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
All supported languages enabled
All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
Camera shutter sound on-off
Exit button to Stock Internet Browser
Task manager shortcut app by Mr.Mefisto
 RSK  addon applications:
Flash player Support
Xposed Framework Installer        
CPU Adjuster                                                                            
Accounts Sync Profiler 
Dolphin Browser with FlashPlayer
Es File Explorer
Hide It Pro
Multi Window Manager
TB Restore Fixer
PEN Window Manager - Easily Enable Apps for PEN Window
Android 4.3 Camera with Photoshare
Keyboard Android with Gesture Typing from Android
Boot sound
Charger Connection Sound
Stock Theme Changes:
 Captain America % battery icons
Accuwheather widget transparent by Mr.Mefisto
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

Installation Instructions for RSK AMBROSIA V.2.0.0:

 Do not make any wipes from recovery (you may get boot loops). Rom will auto wipe cache and dalvik cache and preloaded and there is an option to wipe data during rom installation.

1. Backup (efs - titanium backup - nandroid etc)

2. Copy RSK AMBROSIA V2.0.0 rom to your device

3. Flash a custom recovery (CWM Based Recovery by Chenglu)

4. Boot to recovery, and Install RSK AMBROSIA v.2.0.0 rom

5. Reboot and enjoy ...

Make sure to make and keep in a safe place an efs backup - nandroid backup - titanium backup - etc, in case you ever need to restore!

Please read the Samsung Knox: Warranty Void Behavior by theq86 before flashing recovery.
Flashing with odin custom images will flag your bootloader from 0x0 to 0x1

Multi csc included in RSK AMBROSIA V.2.0.0

For this mods: 4-way reboot menu - call recording - Disable Increasing ringtone install Wanam Xposed module from INSIDE THE ROM!

 Also you can use Xblast tools and XQuickSettingsToggles for almost you want to change for theming: status bar, notification panel, navigation bar, visual tweaks, full screen caller photo, carrier label, volume button tweaks, build.prop tweaks, miscellaneous, select toogle theme, toogle background, toogle text color, phone tweaks, messaging, security hacks, lockscreen and many others!!!!!

We provide to you 2 way to download V.2.0.0 of AMBROSIA custom Rom series!




on October 7, 2013

From now on we will make custom rom`s for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 LTE!!!


on October 4, 2013
Is first  custom rom for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 LTE - SM-N9005! This is a stock rom!
Based on Test Firmware N9005XXUBMH1 from Sam Mobile
Zip Aligned, Deodex, rooted, Busybox.
I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone.
If you decide to test, please report back.

Flash through TRWP or similar recovery.

ROOT FOR SAMSUNG SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 - SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm) and SM-N900 (International Exynos)

on October 3, 2013
ROOT FOR SAMSUNG SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 -  SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm) and SM-N900 (International Exynos)

Check your device model ! Settings -> About device -> Model number. See the third post for exact supported model numbers. If your device is a totally different model, it will not work (may even brick) !

This method of Root is the root for "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. This method of Root is meant to be used in combination with stock Samsung firmwares, and be the quickest and easiest way for your first root.

What's installed
- SuperSU binary and APK
- Stock recovery

Installation and usage
Flash the This method of Root package as PDA in ODIN , and your device should reboot into a modified recovery (signified by a large red Android logo) and it will install SuperSU for you and restore the stock recovery, and reboot back into Android.

If you don't get to the red Android logo, boot into recovery manually ("adb reboot recovery", or boot while holding Power+VolUp+Home).

Did you see the red Android logo during rooting, but SuperSU does not appear? This may sometimes occur due to left-over files and settings, however, you can usually install SuperSU from Google Play at this stage and it'll just work.

Flash counter and KNOX warranty
Using this root method triggers the flash counter (hidden on this device), and sets current binary and system status to custom. Additionally, it will also trigger the KNOX warranty void status.

While the counter and binary and system status are resettable using Triangle Away , the KNOX warranty status change is permanent, and a service center may deny warranty based on this flag - even if the other flags are reset correctly. The KNOX flag being tripped may also prevent certain Samsung KNOX features from working (enterprise security features).

Follow these instructions to the letter. Do not touch any buttons or checkboxes that are not listed below to touch!

- Download and unzip the file
- If you end up with a recovery.img and cache.img file, you've extracted twice. You need to end up with a .tar.md5 file - don't extract that one
- (USB) Disconnect your phone from your computer
- Start Odin3-vX.X.exe
- Click the PDA button, and select CF-Auto-Root-....tar.md5
- Put your phone in download mode (turn off phone, then hold VolDown+Home+Power to boot - if it asks you to press a button to continue, press the listed button, or run adb reboot download command)
- (USB) Connect the phone to your computer
- Make sure Repartition is NOT checked
- Click the Start button
- Wait for Android to boot
- Done (if it took you more than 30 seconds, you need practise!)

NOTE: Sometimes the device does *not* boot into recovery mode and root your device. Just do the entire procedure again if this happens. If it still will not install root and such, make sure that in Odin "Auto Reboot" is not checked. Then after flashing, pull the battery, and boot with VolUp+Home+Power button to boot into recovery manually. This will start the install process.

New to Samsung? Unfamiliar with Odin? Think all the above is a hassle? Get used to it. It's very simple, and us Samsung folk use Odin (or Mobile ODIN ) for everything! It's so very very convenient once you get used to it. Notice the 30 second comment above? For experienced users, the entire process indeed takes only 30 seconds!

Download Auto Root for SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm): 

 Download Auto Root for
SM-N900 (International Exynos):

[PC][Windows] Android Universal PC Suites

on September 26, 2013
[PC][Windows] Android Universal PC Suites
 Mobile device management has historically been a business concern. Companies all over the globe require levels of control which determine what an employee can and cannot do on their smartphone. With smartphones acting like mini computers, desktop software is also demanded by personal users. We present you a range of free device management software, each enabling varying levels of control over your Android smartphone.

- SNAP PEA PC Suite -

  • Download and install apps on Android device from the PC
  • Manage media files
  • Backup and restore information on the phone
  • Write text messages using PC keyboard
  • Connect to the phone via WiFi

    - 91 PC Suite -

    • Import/Export contacts
    • Back up call logs/SMS
    • Download wallpapers, ringtones, themes and software
    • Convenient and practical RSS subscription
    • Log off and Reboot
    • Good UI performance
    • Phone process and system registry management
    • Software installation, uninstallation and management
    • Calendar and schedule management
    • Caller location inquiry


      - MOBILedit PC Suite -


      - MOBO GENIE PC Suite -



      - CONCLUSION -
       Android PC Suites are very important tools if you wants to better operate your Android Smartphones and Tablets with your PC.
      Without Android PC Suite, after connecting your Android Device to PC, you will only able to transfer data in your Devices internal memory or the Storage card available inside the device.
      But generally, we wants to do other more important things like Managing contacts, messages, upgrading bulk software, backup phones content, installing apps from PC, connecting to internet from Android devices etc.
      For this, you need to install Android PC Suite on your computer that can help you in doing all these above mentioned tasks along with many other useful tasks.