on April 29, 2013
RSK ORIOLA 3.0  has system partition shrink-ed to fit exactly for stock hboot on both PVT4 and PVT3 S-OFF! Added Favourite people widget and call log! Changed some files in  system settings!
You can download the Rom from HERE!


on April 27, 2013
This is the RSK ORIOLA V.2.0 XDA EDITION with Google Playstore modded with Transparent-Clear HoloBlue text, Gmail Widget with Transparent Clear Blue text, Sony Select with widget, New Youtube with dowmnload option integrated,  Sony Top Contacts and  Sony Recent Calls integrated,  Sony World Clock Widget integrated, Sony Weather widget integrated, Sony car integrated in the Rom, Sony Notes with 3d Widget, Sony Walkman Music Player and Sony Walkman Music Widget integrated with Sound Enhacement from DSP Manager, Sony NFC Easy Connect, Boost My Experia with widget, Sony Clock widgets integrated, Sony Media Shortcuts Widget added
Change system files for proper RSK Logo or name!

You can download from HERE!


on April 26, 2013
RSK _V8.2.0 SatteliteRosie it is an improved  version of latest RSK TEAM 3.5 sense custom Rom`s series optimized only for STOCK HBOOT, after an idea of a friend (Peter). Updated a few apps, added black YouTube also Playstore in Black Cyan color and  Flash Player!
You can downlod Rom from HERE!


on April 23, 2013
New Update for ORIOLA ROM in version 2.0! Solved Volume sound issues and other minor modifications for Walkman Music Player, Visualizer and Walkman Music Widget!

You can download the  

Also for those who have broken hardkeys you can download the same version with SoftKeys integrated  
ORIOLA ROM 2.0 SoftKeys from HERE

After 5 minutes of settle down the entire system you can flash the SONY WALKMAN MUSIC PLAYER from HERE

For better xperience please download, unzip and install like any normal apk WALKMAN VISUALIZER from HERE

Also for better xperience please download, unzip and install like any normal apk WALKMAN MUSIC WIDGET from HERE

For this version you could use all the add-ons from previous version 1.0 of ORIOLA series Rom`s!


on April 22, 2013

         New rom from RSK TEAM
                   RSK ORIOLA!

         You can download the ROM  
                     from HERE

         Walkman Music from HERE 

         Add-ons apk`s from HERE 

      Hints and tips for better user experience!!!

  1. Always full wipe and format your sd card twice in recovery.
  3. At first boot always let the rom to settle down for 3-5 minutes.
  5. After settle down the rom, you can flash Walkman Music , but before wipe Dalvik-Cache.
  7. Add-ons Oriola (DO NOT FLASH)-->unzip-->put it on your sd card and install like any normal apk!
  9. For changing wallpaper in lockscreen go in App drawer , open Lock Screen Settings and from here you can change lockscreen wallpaper.
  11. For SocialLife app-->You can integrate facebook, twitter, youtube and google reader accounts. Sync it will take some time so do not rush
  12. For XPERIA icons go to -->menu-->Launcher Settings--> swipe left till "Apearance", touch "Icon Pack" and choose "Built in Xperia T"!
  14. This Rom it is ONLY FOR STOCK HBOOT!!!!!!!

Changelog for RSK ORIOLA


  • Xperia Z Lockscreen
  • Xperia Z Launcher
  • Android version 4.1.2
  • Base to cm-10-20130407-NIGHTLY-pyramid
  • Build.prop entries changed for Xperia Z C6603
  • Zipaligned all apps and framework-files
  • Xperia Z Keyboard
  • GooglePlayStore modded 4.0xx
  • Int2ext+ Mod integrated
  • Sound Enahacement DSP manager
  • Enabled Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • Signature verification in services.jar deleted
  • Top Contacts widgets Xperia
  • Photo and Videos Xperia Widgets
  • Many more...

3.5 Sense - RSK_v.8.1_Sattelite_Rosie - 3.5 Sense

on April 18, 2013
For those who liked very much our latest 3.5 Sense rom now it is available in new version 8.1 with HTC Desire name in entire OS. Android Market will recognize the Rom "HTC Desire" also System Settings and more!No major changes from v8! You can download from HERE


on April 14, 2013
We present you first custom Rom on HTC Desire with Facebook Home launcher integrated. To work as launcher you must open the "Fb home" app and write your   Facebook email address and password. Then you can choose it like default Launcher if you want it!
This is in testing phase, so bugs maybe present that we can't fix until it gets updated by Facebook company!
You can download from HERE

BITIAS_v3_RSK TEAM.4.2.2 for HTC Desire

on April 4, 2013
This is version Nr.3 of BITIAS  Android 4.2.2 with no visual changes! Aroma script was cleaned up, delete Swype Keyboard and added some themes! You can download from  HERE

RSK_Team_BITIAS_4.2.2_Xperience for HTC Desire

on April 3, 2013
RSK Team brings you the Experience of  Android 4.2.2 merged with CM 10.1 into a flawless custom Rom named BITIAS! If you want to enjoy it you can download from HERE

For visual experience please download BITIAS Addons HERE

This addons are themes and skins . You can install it whenever you want. The addons aren't zip file to flash, so you must download, extract archive and install like a normal apk.

Changelog for BITIAS:

 Please uncheck "Google voice typing" from Settings immediately after you flashed the Rom.
- CM10.1 source merged with Android 4.2.2
- 3 Keyboard:LatinIme, Swype in purple color and Go keyboard
- 3 Launchers
-  App2sd Mods: M2SD-A2SD", "M2SD-A2SD+",
  "CronMod-INT2EXT+", "CronMod-INT2EXT4+
- zipaligned all apps and framework-files
- touchscreen drivers
- Google Plus
- AndroidTerm CM
- DSP-Manager
- Sense 4 Flip Clock and Weather
- Seeder 2.0b1
- Root Filemanager
- Flipboard
- Advanced Reboot options to Developer
- For Developer options please click 7 time on "Build Number" and you will have
  Advanced Power Menu options

Much more...