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on January 31, 2013
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3.5 Sense - RSK Sattelite Rosie v.8 - 3.5 Sense

on January 26, 2013
  For all of you that asked an update for our 3.5 Sense Rom's series now it is available, you can download from HERE .
  Enjoy and tell us what do you think!!  

3.5 Sense - Changelog - RSK v.8 Sattelite Rosie

Build number 1.27.1400.4   CL 182513.
Android version 2.3.5.
HTC   Sense version 3.5.
Deodexed & Zipaligned.
Minimalistic RSK Tweaks.
Added Seeder v.1.4.0.
Beats Audio fully working (go on Settings - RSK Sattelite Tweaks Misc Options and check "Beats Boost", to have Sounds in Music and Video Player).
Extra Quick Settings.
Lockscreen Hacked Sense 4 flavor without bubbles on shortcuts.
Sense 4.0 ringtones/volume sounds.
Small framework tweaks.
Hacked RSK Sound Manager for more options in Sounds.
Hacked Blue sky skin with background on HTC 3D widgets.
Updated some apps.
Tweaked Rosie.
And much more , I don't remember right now :).

NEWS - HTC Desire U

on January 25, 2013

In the world of Desire family appears a new member named Desire U, with 4.0 inch, 800x480 resolution display, 1GHz processor with 512 MB ram, 4 GB internal storage and micro SD card slot , 5 megapixel camera on the back . Beats Audio, 1650 mAh battery and Android 4.0 IceCreamSandwich. But for now was announced only for China , at 275 $.

What do you think about that guys?

Source :  HTC


on January 21, 2013
As we promise we are back with an new version updated This one has new busybox, toolbox, Shrinked system partition for booting problems, Zipaligned with latest binary and much more!
Please enjoy and give us your feedback!
Ups!!! I almost forgot, you can download it from  HERE .

Comments only on Blog!

on January 20, 2013
Please comment only here in Blog if you have something to ask or comment not in another thread or place! Thanks for understanding!!

RSK Sattelite SuperSense v. - Sense 4.1

We are back doing roms for HTC Desire , like we promise , so you can download our latest version of RSK Sattelite Super Sense v. from HERE.
     Enjoy and stay tune for the updates!! 

News - We have chat box!!

     From now on you can talk with us or others in the box chat from the bottom page. But for important things   we ask you to leave a comment, this way RSK Team will be able to answer easily after a couple of hours (we are not always online).



Only here, on blog, RSK TEAM will answer at questions and feedback!

How to flash RSK Sattelite SuperSense

on January 19, 2013

Recommendations for best experience!!

Put the rosie on ultra smooth from RSK Tweaks.
Please use the "Seeder" app.
Go to RSK Tweaks - "Top Bar" - "Transparency", click it and put "Level when on home" on maximum.                                             
For "CM brightness control" after you check it in RSK Tweaks , push the hardware menu button and go to "Settings" - "Display and gesture" - " Brightness", click it and unchecked "Automatic Brightness".
By default you can wake your phone by pressing  "Search" physical button.
To unlock the phone you can go to RSK Tweaks  "Lockscreen" - "Buttons to unlock" and you can choose "Back" button (my recommended button).   



 Rearrange and hide Quicksettings
 Disable tabbed QuickSettings
 Quick Quicksetting
 Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually! (To do in the future)
 Hide specific notifications icons
 Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar!
 Choose custom clock color
 Center/hide clock
 Hide am/pm
 Carrier logo for statusbar
 Choose transparency or background for notifications pull down
 CM brightness control
 Hide date from notifications pull down
 Customize your carrier label
                - custom app on pressing carrier label
                - custom carrier caption
                - show carrier icon
                - show cpu info or other stuff on carrier label
                - hide settings icon
                - run custom app when pressing settings icon
 Different statusbar transparencies


 Ultra/smooth Rosie toggles
 Enable unlock animation
 Enable landscape rosie (default)
 Enable infinitive looping on Home (Carousel movement)
 Transparent navbar
 Increase rows/columns in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
 Use custom background image in the app drawer

Customize buttons:

 Custom 3 finger swype gestures!
 Remap longpress home
 Remap longpress menu
 Remap longpress back
 Remap longpress search
 Remap search key


 Custom carrier lockscreen text
 Hide time on lockscreen
 Hide am/pm on lockscreen
 Hide date on lockscreen
 Hide operator on lockscreen
 Custom shortcuts, independent from Sense shortcuts
 Choose back/home/menu to unlock
 Volume wake toggle
 Media control
 Media control option: choose pause/play or skip track backwards


 Access hidden phone menu
 Access network mode
 11 Different overscroll colors
 Different Autobrightess arrays and manual setting of each sensor value
 Hide different items on the APM
 Enable XLOUD
 Enable BRAVIA

Advanced Tweaks:

 Mount system rw/ro
 Wipe cache/dalvik
 Wipe Battery stats
 Fix permissions
 Zipalign apks
 Custom bootanimation and downanimation
 Enable boot sound

and so much more!


4EXT Recovery
CM7/r2 Hboot (recommended) or Stock Hboot, but you will have small internal storage.
1 to 1,2 Gb ext partition (ext 4 recommended).
Use Gparted for formatted you SDcard (recommended).
First time do your FAT32 partition, after you can do your EXT4 partition.
AD2SDX works only with CM7/r2.
Please after a fresh install let your phone to settle 5 minutes, because a lot of internal things must be fully loaded.

Changelog HTC Desire


 Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
January 21 2013
version:RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
Shrinked system for booting problems
Changed busybox and toolbox
Zipaligned with latest binary
dalvik on sd-ext
 MD5: 7E4294FF551E0BC75F3EC94BF91184A2

Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
Updated Superuser .
Added FX Explorer and FX TextEdit.
Added Flipboard.
Added Root File Manager.
Updated Seeder to v.1.4.0
Updated Adobe Reader.

Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
    • Build number 2.22.401.1 CL92876.
    • Baseband version
    • Android version 4.0.4.
    • HTC Sense version 4.1.
    • Deodexed & Zipaligned.
    • Busybox.
    • RSK Tweaks, amazing collection of customizable  tweaks.
    • Advanced power menu.
    • Added seeder v.1.1 ( put it on "ON" and check "Start automatically on boot").
    • Added support for Flash Player ( go to Internet Browser, push "menu" hardware button or touch button from upper right corner and go to "Settings"  - "Advanced" and put " Enable Flash and plug-ins" on  "Always on" .
    • Custom keyboard .
    • Beats Audio fully working with modified Sound Enhancer.
    • White battery honey comb style (in Aroma).
    • No boot sound (you change in RSK Tweaks ).
    • SD Card  read_ahead selection (Aroma).
    • Notes  widgets, fully working.
    • Extended QuickSetting with RSK Tweaks).
    • USB Mass Storage Toggle (credits to Bexton).
    • RSK widgets, Productivity, Photo album, Friend Stream, Weather, People, Clock and Music for Lock Screen Style.
    • Mobile Data and Wi-fi working.
    • Rosie 3D by default.

Bugs for v.

You can not take videos with camcorder.
HTC FM radio is a WIP, but you can use Spirit FM.
When you will change skins you can experience some glitches - flickering.
World clock flickering.

The latest custom rom for Samsung S3

     Hello everyone!
     As promised we present you the latest baseband for International Samsung Galaxy S3 - I9300 - XXELLA - Modem- XXELLC.

     You can download and enjoy from HERE.

RSK Team says Hello!!!!

on January 3, 2013
   For the second time we've decided to share once again with all the people that supported us on XDA our work. This time we will do it here on our blog , so we will do the rules around here.
    And we also have NEWS for now on we will do roms for two smartphones :  HTC Desire Bravo (of course)  and for the Samsung S3. 
     And because it is a blog you will be able to talk to us about stuff,but please before you write to us read the follow:
    - do not ask stupid question , please, you have incredible resources on xda or simply on google.
    - do not ask us more for the rom than we already done it.(we assure you we've done all the possible at the time)
    - we test the roms  many times before releasing, but we do NOT respond for any hard brick of your phone.

   So now that all the important things have been said,  we will be back soon with our first rom of this new year 2013.