[PC][Windows] Android Universal PC Suites

on September 26, 2013
[PC][Windows] Android Universal PC Suites
 Mobile device management has historically been a business concern. Companies all over the globe require levels of control which determine what an employee can and cannot do on their smartphone. With smartphones acting like mini computers, desktop software is also demanded by personal users. We present you a range of free device management software, each enabling varying levels of control over your Android smartphone.

- SNAP PEA PC Suite -

  • Download and install apps on Android device from the PC
  • Manage media files
  • Backup and restore information on the phone
  • Write text messages using PC keyboard
  • Connect to the phone via WiFi

    - 91 PC Suite -

    • Import/Export contacts
    • Back up call logs/SMS
    • Download wallpapers, ringtones, themes and software
    • Convenient and practical RSS subscription
    • Log off and Reboot
    • Good UI performance
    • Phone process and system registry management
    • Software installation, uninstallation and management
    • Calendar and schedule management
    • Caller location inquiry


      - MOBILedit PC Suite -


      - MOBO GENIE PC Suite -



      - CONCLUSION -
       Android PC Suites are very important tools if you wants to better operate your Android Smartphones and Tablets with your PC.
      Without Android PC Suite, after connecting your Android Device to PC, you will only able to transfer data in your Devices internal memory or the Storage card available inside the device.
      But generally, we wants to do other more important things like Managing contacts, messages, upgrading bulk software, backup phones content, installing apps from PC, connecting to internet from Android devices etc.
      For this, you need to install Android PC Suite on your computer that can help you in doing all these above mentioned tasks along with many other useful tasks.

[RECOVERY]CWM Based Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Note III - N9005 LTE

on September 25, 2013
This is the CWM Based Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Note III - N9005 LTE.
You must flash it in Odin or Odin Mobile Pro!
Download Recovery:

Download Mobile Odin Pro:

RSK_v.8.3.1_Test3_SatteliteRosie_CM7R2.Ed for HTC DESIRE!!!

on September 9, 2013

New update for Sense 3.5 custom rom`s from RSK TEAM with this changes:
Reverted back system ui and framework
ONLY for cm7/r2
Changed ad2sdx script ( the one inside has dalvic in nand for maximum speed and still enough space for apps though not so much).


on September 5, 2013
This custom rom is only for HTC DESIRE!!!!

New update version 8.3.1 test 2 for our Sense 3.5 cuctom rom`s! This is only for stock hboot!
The changes are:
1) Changed a2sd script with ad2sdx
2) Removed sense 5 theme (it can be flashed from themes thread and thank those guys)
3) Two kind of softkeys to choose pie+button savior(The other one can be removed)
4) ODEXED ( better for low memory phones)
5) Removed some init.d tweaks (Maybe caused some reboots)
6) Changed kernel (Maybe faster and more stable)
7) Added entropy tweak 
8) Faster boot time
9) Removed swipe to clear notification
10) Changed bootanimation (Tigrutza robots)
11) Changes in system.ui
12) Changes in framework 
13) Changed governor      
14) Some tweaks here and there to make rom faster and more responsive