on October 22, 2013


RSK TEAM present the new version of custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 LTE international version only with so many features! Please read all before flash the Rom to be sure you know and understand RSK TEAM requirements!

Based on firmware XXUBMI7 Android 4.3
Kernel Stock
csc multi set to EUR
init.d support without the need of a kernel that supports init.d
""Aroma Installer"" Installation is fully customizable by user and there is options to install everything or remove all Bloatware
Aroma installer now has the option to remove more then 700 mb of almost 100 bloatware apps, widgets and services
Option to backup efs partition during rom's installation
Option to full wipe from aroma installer
Option to Remove all Bloatware from aroma installer
Option to install or not all addon apps from aroma installer
Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
Wipe preloaded partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe System automatic before roms installation                                      
Original Samsung Bootanimation                                                        
Floating RSKdroids
Battery % mod
Disabled scrolling cache
Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
All supported languages enabled
All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
Camera shutter sound on-off
Exit button to Stock Internet Browser
Task manager shortcut app by Mr.Mefisto
 RSK  addon applications:
Flash player Support
Xposed Framework Installer        
CPU Adjuster                                                                            
Accounts Sync Profiler 
Dolphin Browser with FlashPlayer
Es File Explorer
Hide It Pro
Multi Window Manager
TB Restore Fixer
PEN Window Manager - Easily Enable Apps for PEN Window
Android 4.3 Camera with Photoshare
Keyboard Android with Gesture Typing from Android
Boot sound
Charger Connection Sound
Stock Theme Changes:
 Captain America % battery icons
Accuwheather widget transparent by Mr.Mefisto
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

Installation Instructions for RSK AMBROSIA V.2.0.0:

 Do not make any wipes from recovery (you may get boot loops). Rom will auto wipe cache and dalvik cache and preloaded and there is an option to wipe data during rom installation.

1. Backup (efs - titanium backup - nandroid etc)

2. Copy RSK AMBROSIA V2.0.0 rom to your device

3. Flash a custom recovery (CWM Based Recovery by Chenglu)

4. Boot to recovery, and Install RSK AMBROSIA v.2.0.0 rom

5. Reboot and enjoy ...

Make sure to make and keep in a safe place an efs backup - nandroid backup - titanium backup - etc, in case you ever need to restore!

Please read the Samsung Knox: Warranty Void Behavior by theq86 before flashing recovery.
Flashing with odin custom images will flag your bootloader from 0x0 to 0x1

Multi csc included in RSK AMBROSIA V.2.0.0

For this mods: 4-way reboot menu - call recording - Disable Increasing ringtone install Wanam Xposed module from INSIDE THE ROM!

 Also you can use Xblast tools and XQuickSettingsToggles for almost you want to change for theming: status bar, notification panel, navigation bar, visual tweaks, full screen caller photo, carrier label, volume button tweaks, build.prop tweaks, miscellaneous, select toogle theme, toogle background, toogle text color, phone tweaks, messaging, security hacks, lockscreen and many others!!!!!

We provide to you 2 way to download V.2.0.0 of AMBROSIA custom Rom series!




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