Bugs on RSK Sattelite SuperSense

on January 22, 2013
Others then v.
Delay on notification or charging light.
Flash doesn't work on camera!


Anonymous said...

-synchronization via USB does not work
-the connect of SD card via USB does not work
-the navigation bar on the weather lock screen is black and only light transparent (the normal lock screen is ok)
-if a lock screen of a application is used, e.g., audio player and you switch back with the backward button to the normal lock screen then a drawing problem occures for some seconds
-HTC sense crashes and restarts often if an application is closed

Anonymous said...

-if the phone is switched off with the power menu after a few minute the power LED switches on and stays on until the phone will be switched on. The power cable is not connected.
-from time to time the WIFI enables and disables very often. This happens for some minutes.

Which governor should I choose in the settings?
Is there a chance to solve these issues also the issues from my last comment?

Mr.Mefisto said...

USB Mass storage remains open please push the menu button and "Quit application" dismiss also from notification please!!!About wi-fi i will see what you are telling about that because i don`t have this issue! I will try to make all to solve this issues in the future! For now RSK Team works on 3 projects in the same time!!! But we try to make the best for all our users! We ask just patience!

Thanks for understanding and for your feedback! Without you nothing is possible!!

HandyBesitzer said...

First i want to thank all you from RSK the SuperSense ROM is really awesome.

Here my Report.
1. Every Lock funktion except pattern (pin, password,..) doesn't work
2. The long press funktion in the RSK Tweak doesn't work e.g. long press home on lockscreen for flash light, long press search for screenshot,...
3. camera doesn't work get a black Screen and than it crashes.
4. I miss the play store. where can i download the newest version?
5. The statusbar has a drawing problem on the patternscreen.
6. The 1x4 digital clock widget is under the statusbar
7. the cube animation is a bit slow.
8. Don't know why i need the mirror app. pls remove.
9. Do we need ot activate a2sd by console?
10. The color change for the batterie in RSK Tweak doesn't work.
11. telephone app from RSK widget opens the contact app.

Will UOT kitchen work with this ROM?

HandyBesitzer said...

OK here my report for the Update:
At first it stuck very much. after a first reboot it works great. The following points from my first report still doesn't work:
2. Some work on different names. Home press setting for screenshot gives me the resent apps
3. Camera works but is very slow
4. My misstake Play store is there :D
5. still there. But if there are more than 2 symbols in the statusbar it is shown correctly
6. still there
7. still there
8. still
10. still
11. still
12. Pattern shows me loading when no USB is connected
13. twitter pls optional in aroma :D
14. !!! I can not send more than 1 SMS!!!
If i write a SMS at 2 contacts, i need to resend the SMS to the 2nd person. And if i send a sms longer than 160 symbols the following is cutted. Pls fix this. I really need the SMS :D

Very nice work on the SGS ROMs, too ;)

halaros2 said...

Thank u very much for your feedback mate. We are trying our best to make sense 4.1 to work as good as possible, but that is very hard due to desire limited specs and no support for kernel 3... But we hope that we ll make it work as good as it can get. Thanks to all of u guys for giving us feedback because without u we couldn't improve rom.

LinesWorld said...

This ROM is great. Based on your ROM I built my own modificated ROM, which is running in german, with some bug-fixes (HandyBesitzer):
1. I took an alternative settings.apk - it shows correct translation and pin/password works.
12. With my ROM, the phone doesn't show "loading" when no usb-plug is connected.

Both modifications only work after installing and replacing files after setting up. With installation the phone won't boots up.

HandyBesitzer said...

Sounds great. I'm sure RSK will fix this soon :D
Are you a member of Androidpit? Would be great if you can tell me a bit of modding, because i tryed to make my own ROM. Not very succesfull.

Frank Stoddart said...

notification light delays no 3d weather

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