on January 19, 2013


 Rearrange and hide Quicksettings
 Disable tabbed QuickSettings
 Quick Quicksetting
 Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually! (To do in the future)
 Hide specific notifications icons
 Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar!
 Choose custom clock color
 Center/hide clock
 Hide am/pm
 Carrier logo for statusbar
 Choose transparency or background for notifications pull down
 CM brightness control
 Hide date from notifications pull down
 Customize your carrier label
                - custom app on pressing carrier label
                - custom carrier caption
                - show carrier icon
                - show cpu info or other stuff on carrier label
                - hide settings icon
                - run custom app when pressing settings icon
 Different statusbar transparencies


 Ultra/smooth Rosie toggles
 Enable unlock animation
 Enable landscape rosie (default)
 Enable infinitive looping on Home (Carousel movement)
 Transparent navbar
 Increase rows/columns in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
 Use custom background image in the app drawer

Customize buttons:

 Custom 3 finger swype gestures!
 Remap longpress home
 Remap longpress menu
 Remap longpress back
 Remap longpress search
 Remap search key


 Custom carrier lockscreen text
 Hide time on lockscreen
 Hide am/pm on lockscreen
 Hide date on lockscreen
 Hide operator on lockscreen
 Custom shortcuts, independent from Sense shortcuts
 Choose back/home/menu to unlock
 Volume wake toggle
 Media control
 Media control option: choose pause/play or skip track backwards


 Access hidden phone menu
 Access network mode
 11 Different overscroll colors
 Different Autobrightess arrays and manual setting of each sensor value
 Hide different items on the APM
 Enable XLOUD
 Enable BRAVIA

Advanced Tweaks:

 Mount system rw/ro
 Wipe cache/dalvik
 Wipe Battery stats
 Fix permissions
 Zipalign apks
 Custom bootanimation and downanimation
 Enable boot sound

and so much more!


mohamed ali tarhouni said...

for wich rom are this tweaks??

mohamed ali tarhouni said...

for wich rom are this tweaks?

mohamed ali tarhouni said...

for wich rom are this tweaks??

Mr.Mefisto said...

The tweaks are for Htc Desire!

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