on February 7, 2013

AOKP RSK Team v.1.0.1
Android version 4.0.4
Baseband version:
Kernel Version by Elelinux
Stock Hboot ONLY!!!!!


Ganesh LP said...

Is this for HTC Desire?

jmcclue said...

@Ganesh yes for desire.

@Mr.Mefisto, why for stock hboot only? i have 94 mb left in system. could we not use Data++ or even create a custom hboot for it.. or is there a reason for stock only?

anyway, great work again by RSK Team

hatem mohamed said...

hello guys , peace upon you all ,
at first i must say that you are the greatest developers i've ever seen till now , really good work also if i have some problems with your roms but i insiste to use them .
i tried the sattelite rosie 8.0 but always the shortbattery life , the arabic pack for writing and reading and force close many times .
now i flashed yesterday the supersense v. .
my device is htc desire , sd card 16gb partioned in f32,sd ext,ext2,swap , cm7r2 hboot .
i flashed the rom and i was sooooooooooooooooo happy it's great work as usual and i followed also the experiment steps written here BUT i noticed that the rom is so heavy for my device , any time i tick an icon it opens after 4,5 seconds and this is so annoying , i love the rom and i will appreciate too much your help cause i need all these functions , please hep me if i must repartion my sd and how and how can i have this rom stable and fast , also if you have solution for the battery life .
thanks a lot
p.s. now i am downloading your new aokp rom for desire and i will test it later .
with my all best wishes for more success

Anonymous said...

@ jmcclue data++ works perfect mate no problems with that...
@ Hatem Mohamed sense 4.1 is meant to be heavy for our old devices but we are trying to do the best we can to make it as fast as possible... Also u could try changing ext2 to ext4 and maybe a faster sd card class 6 or 10

halaros2 said...

@ Jmcclue This rom works perfect with data++ hboot

@ Mohamed Sense 4.1 is supposed to be heavy rom for our old desire!!! But we are doing our best to make it as good as possible!!! maybe u could change your ext2 to ext4 and also an sd card class 6 or 10 if u dont already have it.

Ganesh LP said...

Does it include any a2sd scripts by default?

halaros2 said...

Yes u can enable it with terminal if u want
a2sd install

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