3.5 Sense - Changelog - RSK v.8 Sattelite Rosie

on January 26, 2013
Build number 1.27.1400.4   CL 182513.
Android version 2.3.5.
HTC   Sense version 3.5.
Deodexed & Zipaligned.
Minimalistic RSK Tweaks.
Added Seeder v.1.4.0.
Beats Audio fully working (go on Settings - RSK Sattelite Tweaks Misc Options and check "Beats Boost", to have Sounds in Music and Video Player).
Extra Quick Settings.
Lockscreen Hacked Sense 4 flavor without bubbles on shortcuts.
Sense 4.0 ringtones/volume sounds.
Small framework tweaks.
Hacked RSK Sound Manager for more options in Sounds.
Hacked Blue sky skin with background on HTC 3D widgets.
Updated some apps.
Tweaked Rosie.
And much more , I don't remember right now :).


rstar000 said...

Great job! Downloading it!

Matloob Hussain said...

Love the ninjadroid on start up! :.)
Great work Mr Mefisto!

Süleyman said...

download link?

Süleyman said...

download link ???

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Suleyman please go to "Downloads" section and you will find a great "HERE"!!!!!
Click on "HERE" and you can download the Rom!!!!!!

Martin Sarafov said...

Hello Guys,

Almost 2 weeks since my update from Sense 3.5 SE to v.8.
I'm glad because my phone is fast, stable and usefull. It's great for everyday use.
Thanks a lot R.S.K. Team.
I hope you will continue updating Android 2.3.5 Sense 3.5 ROM for Bravo. I think this version is the most stable for this device and I preffer it from all other Android versions.

I also tried V6 SuperCharger script from XDA. The results are very good. The phone animations are even faster now.

My question is: If you are going to release a new version of this ROM, are you planning to include such script in it?

Thank you in advance R.S.K. Keep up the great work.


Mr.Mefisto said...

@Martin Sarafov Maybe in the future we will try to add in the future!

Droritos said...

Mr.Mefisto, I am a great fan of yor wor since version 7.4.3 where you have added the RTL patch.
Is there any way to use that patch for the later versions? how do i extract it?

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Droritos I think you can use, just take rtl_patch from zip archive and then put the files inside in rom you need! It is simple!

Droritos said...

You guys are amazing!
The dedication, the patience, the GREAT skill!

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