Bugs for v.

on January 19, 2013
You can not take videos with camcorder.
HTC FM radio is a WIP, but you can use Spirit FM.
When you will change skins you can experience some glitches - flickering.
World clock flickering.


Dan Rata said...

Will the camcorder ever work or there's no chance for you to fix it? thanks for your work! i'm a steady day-to-day user of your rom. I never expected a come-back from you on Desire ROMs.

Mr.Mefisto said...

Camcorder will work when we will have a fully k3 and proper libraries! We are working on this!!

Are Nodland said...

Great that you keep developing for the Desire. Have used RSK since AIO stopped developing. Now Supersense looks very promising. Got one problem so far: enabling screen lock with PIN (uder Security) fails with "com.android.settings". I need this for my Exchange ActiveSync policy.

aBookReaderBoy said...

HI there, using ORIOLA V5
Android 4.1.2
Kernel evervolv-turba-jellybean
from sat nov 10 05:11:25 MST 2012
BUILD May 20 2013
Buold No 5.0

having problems using CAM with some Apps like barcoo barcode price scanner and few other cam apps.

Any hint?



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