Changelog HTC Desire

on January 19, 2013


 Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
January 21 2013
version:RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
Shrinked system for booting problems
Changed busybox and toolbox
Zipaligned with latest binary
dalvik on sd-ext
 MD5: 7E4294FF551E0BC75F3EC94BF91184A2

Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
Updated Superuser .
Added FX Explorer and FX TextEdit.
Added Flipboard.
Added Root File Manager.
Updated Seeder to v.1.4.0
Updated Adobe Reader.

Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.
    • Build number 2.22.401.1 CL92876.
    • Baseband version
    • Android version 4.0.4.
    • HTC Sense version 4.1.
    • Deodexed & Zipaligned.
    • Busybox.
    • RSK Tweaks, amazing collection of customizable  tweaks.
    • Advanced power menu.
    • Added seeder v.1.1 ( put it on "ON" and check "Start automatically on boot").
    • Added support for Flash Player ( go to Internet Browser, push "menu" hardware button or touch button from upper right corner and go to "Settings"  - "Advanced" and put " Enable Flash and plug-ins" on  "Always on" .
    • Custom keyboard .
    • Beats Audio fully working with modified Sound Enhancer.
    • White battery honey comb style (in Aroma).
    • No boot sound (you change in RSK Tweaks ).
    • SD Card  read_ahead selection (Aroma).
    • Notes  widgets, fully working.
    • Extended QuickSetting with RSK Tweaks).
    • USB Mass Storage Toggle (credits to Bexton).
    • RSK widgets, Productivity, Photo album, Friend Stream, Weather, People, Clock and Music for Lock Screen Style.
    • Mobile Data and Wi-fi working.
    • Rosie 3D by default.


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