Best experience for RSK SATTELITE SuperSense v.

on February 3, 2013
For BEST EXPERIENCE do exactly this:

Recommended CM7r2 Hboot
Full wipe twice like this:
1.wipe data/factory reset
  wipe cache
  wipe dalvik cache and then
2.wipe data/factory reset
  wipe cache + dalvik
  AND START AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  by pressing "menu" button-
  "Quit Installation"
  Imediately after fresh install:
1.Do not set any email account or
  facebook or twitter or any other
  account in Setup Wizard. Do it later after
  entire system will settle down.
2.After the Rom is "ON" start "Seeder" app.
a)Check "Extend I/O queue"
b)Check "Start automatically on boot"
c)On "RNG service performance profile" put
  it on "Aggresive"!
d)Check "OFF" button to "ON"!!! 
3.In RSK Tweaks in "Top  Bar" on Transparecy
  put "Level on when home" on maximum
  exactly like it is "Level when on apps".
4.You can use "Smooth Rosie Tweaks" from
  "Interface" in "RSK Tweaks" and put it on
  "Ultrasmooth". If you do that be sure to
  press in upper right corner small button
  "Interface" to restart HTC Sense.Wait
  2 sec for granting Superuser permission
  and you are good to go!! 


škabo said...

I see that cm7r2 hboot is recommended, but can I flash it on stock hboot as well? I don't want to change my hboot :-/

Mr.Mefisto said...

@skabo Offcourse you can flash it with stock hboot but you will have less space on internal storage if you choose app2sd on data! If you will flash with stock hboot you can choose app2sd with dalvik on sd-ext!!!
v. can be used with all known hboots cm7r2 it is only my recommendation!!!

Rishi Pandya said...

hello.. i try all rsk roms and i use this suppersense but after installation its stuck on logo i waitting for one hour but nothing go on then i try reboot and clear cache then try again but again nothing do..i have stock hboot cause i dont know how to install cm7r2 pls help

Rishi Pandya said...

hello i try this rom and i try with stock hboot but after installation it stuck on logo.i wait for 1 hour and then i reboot in recovery and clear cache and then restart but again nothing go on pls help me what to do..
sorry for poor eng

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Rishi Pandya please change hboot to CM7/r2!Use search-google it!! It is easy to change hboot!

Rishi Pandya said...

@mr mefisto thank use this sense but it is not so impressive like 3.5
Senses pls fix some problem..i think u know what i say about..pls make it perfectly work in new update.... :)

Lee Abel said...

Great work on Cm7r2 !!!
I like this rom. It's more smoother than other sense4.1 rom !!!
And the best I like is that there have a Chinese in Language select !!!!!!
Thumb up !

spezi said...

Big thanks to RSK Team for this great Sense 4.1 rom. For me it runs very very smooth after I 'supercharged' by using that V6 script by xda member zeppelinrox. :D

Bogdan Bunea said...

What are the known bugs in this build? i flash the CM7 Hboot after that install the rom and it should work?? because on stock hbot it won't boot. i get stuck in the desire logo screen.

varo said...

Where I can download it?

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Varo - For real????? Check downloads section!

varo said...

Sorry for that. I already have downloaded and installed the RSK_v.8.2.0_SatteliteRosie_Stock.Hboot.Ed. rom for HTC Desire. But I don't found where is SATTELITE SuperSense v. in the download section.
Sorry again.

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