Changelog RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.

on February 3, 2013

            February 3 2013             
    RSK Sattelite SuperSense-v.

-You have now 4 "SD-EXT Mods"
-Added Maps
-Twitter Engine with Widget
-Added Seeder 2.0
-Added in Losckscreen Style "No Lockscreen"
-Deleted FlexNet and Keychain
-Lockscreen Style Weather fixed
-World Clock fixed
-Original HTC IME and new lanuages:
 and many more...! 


Maxim Isakov said...

Hallo! Are you can add full translatetin to the Russian localization into the future builds? The settings is still only in english.

p.s. sorry for my english))

halaros2 said...

We are trying for that mate but we get some errors when we try it we hope in future builds we ll make it happen... Thanks for your feedback

Martin Sarafov said...

Hello guys,

Thanks a lot for your work. I appreciate your effprts making us happy using your roms.

I'm currently using RSK Special Edition on my Desire and I'm realy happy with it. Great ROM, fast, stable, stock look.

I'm looking forward to update with v., but I have to know if the bug with the Camer flash is still persistant. I'm using my Camera often and such issue will stop me to update.

Thank you very much and kepp up the good work.

Mr.Mefisto said...

Martin Sarafov camera flash does not work on, ,but I recommend you to try v.8 of our 3.5 sense rom series.

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