Changelog for RSK ORIOLA

on April 22, 2013

  • Xperia Z Lockscreen
  • Xperia Z Launcher
  • Android version 4.1.2
  • Base to cm-10-20130407-NIGHTLY-pyramid
  • Build.prop entries changed for Xperia Z C6603
  • Zipaligned all apps and framework-files
  • Xperia Z Keyboard
  • GooglePlayStore modded 4.0xx
  • Int2ext+ Mod integrated
  • Sound Enahacement DSP manager
  • Enabled Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • Signature verification in services.jar deleted
  • Top Contacts widgets Xperia
  • Photo and Videos Xperia Widgets
  • Many more...


Ceddie Winchester said...
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Ceddie Winchester said...


Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Ceddie Winchester - You tell me please!

Ceddie Winchester said...

im installing it:)

Ceddie Winchester said...

battery drain is very high

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