on April 22, 2013

         New rom from RSK TEAM
                   RSK ORIOLA!

         You can download the ROM  
                     from HERE

         Walkman Music from HERE 

         Add-ons apk`s from HERE 

      Hints and tips for better user experience!!!

  1. Always full wipe and format your sd card twice in recovery.
  3. At first boot always let the rom to settle down for 3-5 minutes.
  5. After settle down the rom, you can flash Walkman Music , but before wipe Dalvik-Cache.
  7. Add-ons Oriola (DO NOT FLASH)-->unzip-->put it on your sd card and install like any normal apk!
  9. For changing wallpaper in lockscreen go in App drawer , open Lock Screen Settings and from here you can change lockscreen wallpaper.
  11. For SocialLife app-->You can integrate facebook, twitter, youtube and google reader accounts. Sync it will take some time so do not rush
  12. For XPERIA icons go to -->menu-->Launcher Settings--> swipe left till "Apearance", touch "Icon Pack" and choose "Built in Xperia T"!
  14. This Rom it is ONLY FOR STOCK HBOOT!!!!!!!


Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

i flashed walkman music but there is no sound! any solution?
is there any way to apply a theme?
great rom! daily driver now :D

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Thomas please follow exactly my video about flashing the rom and walkman music, i just uploaded,and be sure that you are on stock hboot! It is impossible if you follow that to not work!Thanks for your feedback!!

Mr.Mefisto said...

@Thomas it is no theme but you can change the icons in Launcher Settings,please read best experience!

Thomas said...

but is it possible to apply a theme in settins?

Filip Christensen said...

A huge thank you here from Denmark! It is super awesome that you are willing to spend so much time improving Your, mine and all other Desires!!!

Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Filip Christensen thanks for your nice words,it is my happiness to make happy others! Users like you make me happy and give my energy to continue with this work on HTC DESIRE!!!

Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Thomas - you cannot apply theme in this ROM!!!

Filip Christensen said...

but on another node, i don't think i have ever found a rom with USB on-the-go support...
I know it is a driver thing, but am i using a bad adapter or something, it would be really cool to have!

Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Filip Christensen - it is not possible on HTC DESIRE!

Filip Christensen said...


Then i just wasted a dollar...

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Filip Christensen! I am sorry for you!!!! But you already must know that when you buy Htc Desire. I have also an S3 and it have USG-ON-THE-GO by default!! other comment!!

Jane Kosteski said...

Why im getting a green picture when i use flash in night ?

Jane Kosteski said...

why im gettinh green pictures when im using camera with flash on?

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