RSK_v.8.3.1_Test3_SatteliteRosie_CM7R2.Ed for HTC DESIRE!!!

on September 9, 2013

New update for Sense 3.5 custom rom`s from RSK TEAM with this changes:
Reverted back system ui and framework
ONLY for cm7/r2
Changed ad2sdx script ( the one inside has dalvic in nand for maximum speed and still enough space for apps though not so much).


Alberto Galli said...

Wow!!! Thanks Mr. Mefisto I'm gonna try it as soon as possible and let you know how it goes.

halaros2 said...

Feedback is always welcome!!!

Alberto Galli said...

Hi halaros2,
Rom very nice fast and smooth, battery so far looks good.
I have a bug on the camera, when taking a shot(Manual Mode) with zoom and no flash, the image get overlapped and the picture is unusable. Any suggestion, please?

halaros2 said...

Not sure about that mate I ll see if I can do something.

Alberto Galli said...

Thanks Halaros2, Great! Your work is very much appreciated.
I'm using RSK Roms as everyday Rom!!

luke mersh said...

great Rom :)

and with the use of root uninstaller I was able to remove bloatware :) (y)

halaros2 said...

Glad u made it mate ;-)

Chris Minamoto said...

thanks for the work, but the WiFi hotspot doesn't work, DHCP doesn't assign IP to devices connecting to the hotspot.

Antonio Milinković said...

Can someone plzz tell mi how to install ad2sdx,or eneable it or what not?

Gil Guminski said...

If you install a terminal app you can launch it by typing
su root

But not sure if there is anything to do to enable it.

I have installed the rom a few times yesterday.
Everything looks nice and working except a few things:

1. The external speakers don't work for me. I tried with and without boost. Slow and high volume. With and without DSP.
Don't know what to do...

2. The internal speaker quality is bad (for me). I had no issue with any other rom till now. The sound is crunchy, will have to test with a few other calls to be sure but right now that's it.

3. When you go to choose a wallpaper or a Theme and you a are in a 'panel' mode (not sure it's that exact word in English) every images are grey. To be able to display them I have to change the mode by choosing menu and 'Panel' again...

4. Hangout is not working and crashes every time. I had to uninstall it to be able to run Talk.

5. The youtube upgrade doesn't work.

I'm waiting for the next update, looks like I found almost my daily rom :). Keep the good work !

Nikos Katris said...

"RSK thanks you for using our rom!"
THANK YOU !!!! Hey guys i have no words to express how thankfull i am!!! I know you guys for almost a year now, the first rom i remember installing you satelite rosie.That was by far the best rom i ever had on my phone, despite some tiny phaults present. Since then i changed roms you have released for improvement and i kept the previus update of satelite rosie on my desire for 6 months having minor problems that is not even worth to mention!! Having to say that my Desire is my main phone with every day use your roms never let me down and i m so happy to see that you keep giving us roms and updates!! Recently i visited a shop to see new devices.. well apart from better perfomances i have to say that i liked the job you did in this rom so much it makes it so hard to like something else!!!
I have the new edition of rosie for more than a week now and apart from the fact that all past minor problems are gone i have found NONE so far!!! Even if i buy a new phone after all, my Desire is a keeper as a second phone using RSK roms only!!! Period..
I really cant thank you enough guys, thank you so much, keep up the great job you do..

Mr.Mefisto said...

@ Nikos Katris - we thank you for your awesome - kind words!!

Hatem Nhas said...

This rom very good for me " Cam , Wifi , network , Battery ......more
only "Arabic" language that my problem on rom !!
Because Certified framework.odex and is not framework.jar
any Solution??
Thanks in advance

Thomas said...

Is there an odexed version?

Alberto Galli said...

Hi halaros2,
I reversed back to R.S.K. version 8.1_Satellite Rosie and it seems now much smoother (I did reformat a2sd as well) and I have more space available to install apps and I'm not getting the running out of storage space warning as I was getting before with few apps.
Still on CM7/r2 Hboot.

Alberto Galli said...

Hi Halaros2,
I reversed back to R.S.K. version 8.1_Satellite Rosie and it seems much smoother - (I did re-format a2sd as well) - It seems that I have much more room to install apps and I'm not getting the "running out of storage space" warning that I was getting before even with few apps installed.
My Hboot is still CM7/r2.
Also it seems that I'm not getting the problem with the cam, mentioned in earlier post.

Alberto Galli said...

No, sorry I'll take it back, the problem with the camera still exist in manual mode,with zoom and no flash.

Alberto Galli said...

you can edit it from my comment.

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