on September 5, 2013
This custom rom is only for HTC DESIRE!!!!

New update version 8.3.1 test 2 for our Sense 3.5 cuctom rom`s! This is only for stock hboot!
The changes are:
1) Changed a2sd script with ad2sdx
2) Removed sense 5 theme (it can be flashed from themes thread and thank those guys)
3) Two kind of softkeys to choose pie+button savior(The other one can be removed)
4) ODEXED ( better for low memory phones)
5) Removed some init.d tweaks (Maybe caused some reboots)
6) Changed kernel (Maybe faster and more stable)
7) Added entropy tweak 
8) Faster boot time
9) Removed swipe to clear notification
10) Changed bootanimation (Tigrutza robots)
11) Changes in system.ui
12) Changes in framework 
13) Changed governor      
14) Some tweaks here and there to make rom faster and more responsive


Alberto Galli said...

Hi Mr Mefisto, Thank you very much for your work that is much appreciated.
Did you make a version for CM7 r2 HBOOT as well?
Thanks in advance for your replay

halaros2 said...
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halaros2 said...

Next test version v 8.3 test 3 will work with cm7/r2 it will be published soon ;-)

Alberto Galli said...

Great Halaros2!! Thank you very much.

luke mersh said...

just installed rom
so far so good.
checked camera- shame about controls appearing and staying on screen.
would be nice to have a clear screen for camera- like before 8.1??

luke mersh said...


Seems very laggy even with seeder on aggressive.
Shame we cant uninstall FB, Friendstream,etc...

sharon lavie said...

great rom,love the changes.
notice that you cant use any of the themes (sense 5 etc...) because the notificatiov bar crashes

Adam said...

what about arabic patch?????

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